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About us

Folkmona is a Cypriot fashion brand that is dedicated to preserving Cypriot culture and heritage through fashion.

A woman gazing out the window wearing a scarf made out of the Rizari fabric


Through fashion we want the younger generation to get inspired by the fabrics and traditional costumes of Cyprus. Giving an opportunity to one of the most iconic and well known fabric to come back to life 'The Alatsia'.

A traditional Cypriot house with the door open, the rizari fabric hanging from the door

The handmade fabric called 'The Rizari Fabric' is a unique piece made entirely on the loom using traditional Cypriot weaving techniques. This fabric gets its name from the Rizari plant's natural dye, which gives it a distinctive coloration of beige and red stripes with interwoven gold threads.

About the Rizari Collection

The Rizari collection is focused around the Rizari fabric, which is an inspiration from the alatcia fabric.

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